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New campus in London

Posted on August 8th, 2016 by Mark Cintron

Studying at Schiller University new campus in London gives you the opportunity to experience the excitement of British campus university life, and at the same time be part of an exclusive, international network of students, encouraged to develop your full academic and personal potential. Small classes, high levels of personal attention, superb facilities and tailored support throughout your time with us ensures that you can make the most of every moment while you are studying at Schiller University London.

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Benefits of Studying at an American University Overseas – Madrid

Posted on June 22nd, 2016 by Mark Cintron

Studying at an american university overseas

Studying at an American University Overseas, Is it Worth It?

If you were to search the web for information on studying abroad, you would likely find 10 Reasons, 25 Benefits, 15 Best Places, etc, etc…  But here’s my take on why studying at an American University in Spain can and has been beneficial to me. Perhaps my experience can help you as you make your decision to pursue an American degree.

Employment – If you plan on working and living abroad, an American degree is one of those degrees that is well recognized and highly valued. Especially as a foreigner, that is a non-US student, it allows you to stand out and have an advantage over other applicants. In my research, I have found that a lot of employers for multinationals and even NGO’s prefer having employees that hold an American degree because the degree in itself already says a lot about the candidate, for example: many American Universities are highly regarded because of the high standards for admission, the level of research and innovation produced, and how well prepared the candidates are upon graduation. Also, if you are from a different country and study in an American University, it tells your future employer that you have adapted to living and studying in a different country, you are flexible, and likely work well with people from other cultures.

Flexibility – Most American universities will allow you to apply as “undecided.” Undecided means you are not yet sure about which major to pursue. And although, in the beginning you may feel as though you already know, it is a relief going in as undecided and having the option to explore other possibilities before locking into a career choice blindly. Another advantage of this undecided status is that it allows you to take a variety of different courses. Through these different courses you can explore and see which you are more interested in and would like to major in. Who knows… some of these exploratory subjects and skills may even end up being useful in your future job.

The Future –   Speaking about the future, being in an American university could possibly jump-start your career. American universities are very active in career development and in helping students find employment after graduation. Because of this, large company recruiters are actively looking for people to hire straight out of college. So you could go from being handed your diploma on graduation day and to starting a new job the next.

Although you are in college studying, on your path to becoming a huge success in your field, do not forget that you are in a foreign country. It is easy to get caught up in the loop of going to class, doing your homework, going to the grocery store and repeating it all over week after week. Having the opportunity to study abroad is already a great thing but you should be mindful and get the most out of it by traveling and exploring nearby places, trying the food, talking with locals, and enjoying the entire experience – yes, even the awkward moments. The memories you make during college will always stay with you, so why not make them worth reminiscing about with a great education that focuses on the future and for me this happened to be in a great country, Spain!

by Nada Hssain

Business Spanish Language Courses

Posted on June 16th, 2016 by Mark Cintron

Business Spanish Language Courses in Madrid

Schiller International University´s Business Spanish Courses are perfect for those who are looking for a job in Spain (or one of the many Spanish speaking countries in the world), or for those whose company would like to send them to a Spanish speaking country. This course will help you understand Spanish language in a professional setting, enabling you to read, dialogue, and network with Spanish speaking colleagues. A certificate will be awarded at the end of the course to all those who complete the program.

When is it offered?

We have two start dates: July 2016 and September 2016

How many hours a week and for how long?

4 hours a week (flexible class times) during 4 weeks

How much does it cost?

350 EUR per person

Interested in finding out more?

Contact Paloma Mesonero at

Meaningful Business Careers 

Posted on May 24th, 2016 by Mark Cintron

How To Design Your Professional Success

You´re close to finishing your exams and start university, or perhaps you have already started university but are not sure what you want to do in your future career…

Entrepreneur, International Business Consultant, and Director of SIU´s MBA Program – Edgar Barroso, will be sharing his experiences in the business world as well as current trends and what it takes to have a meaningful business career:

  1. Top 10 best paying jobs in business
  2. What about you? your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  3. Your personality and what how it will help you have a meaningful business career

Date: Tuesday, May 31
Time: 1:00 pm
Place: Schiller International University – Madrid Campus
Address: Calle Serrano 156, 28001 Madrid

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Study Abroad Spain: Living in Madrid

Posted on April 25th, 2016 by Mark Cintron

Madrid Skyline

Study Abroad Spain: Living in Madrid

Here are some great insights from one of our current International Business students:

When living in Madrid it would be a plus if you spend a few weeks with a host family before finding your own place. This will force you to practice your Spanish while you’re at home and have traditional Spanish meals prepared right in your kitchen. It will also give you some time to learn which areas you should be looking into for your apartment instead of going for it blindfold.

Madrid is a big city which has so much to offer that it might seem impossible to do all the must-see sites and some exploring of your own without getting lost. This is where Madrid’s great transportation system comes in. I cannot stress how great the system truly is! It doesn’t even matter where you go, chances are there is a metro, bus, or train headed that way. Buses, trains, and metro cars are clean, safe and punctual. Even if you do not use public transportation back home it will take you very little time to get accustomed to this one. They are so practical, opening from 6am to 1:30am, which is a step up from the Barcelona metro which tends to end at midnight.

Although over 6 million tourists visit Madrid every year, the Madrileños are very keen on their language. This is why you should definitely plan on taking a few Spanish classes or brushing up on the ones you took in high school. Spanish is a fairly easy language to grasp, especially if you are out and about with friends, going to restaurants, the movies, bars and other places. Wherever you might be from, Madrid will be somewhat of a culture shock, but this is part of what makes this city such a great place – its unapologetically Spanish with deep cultural roots.

By Nada Hssain

Student Success

"I would like to say, that Madrid campus of Schiller International University is a great place of knowledge, warm atmosphere and home friendly community. Students at the Madrid campus learn to think globally, creatively, critically and to be unique personalities have many options to make their study years interesting and unforgettable. Spain is a sunny, bright, friendly country and it is a pleasure to study in the capital of Spain!"

~ Roksolana Burianenko

"During my four years at Schiller International University as an undergrad student, I especially appreciated being taught by professors with real world experience ready to equip us to confront real situations in our professional careers. SIU offers a great international environment where teamwork is put into practice. I enjoyed the very open-minded and rich interaction with the classmates and professors during my BBA program at SIU. "

~ Edgar Barroso
BBA, International Business

"I have really enjoyed my time at Schiller because it's truly student-focused which makes classes more enjoyable. The professors and staff are very helpful and they make sure you are succeeding not only academically but personally as well - they have your back! I also enjoy the International experience, having also lived in Saudi Arabia, London, and Spain, you learn to adapt to cultural differences and you know that this experience will be useful wherever you go."

~ Tarek Nazzal

"I have had a good experience at Schiller, I have enjoyed my classes, I have been taught by professors who have a lot of international experience, and from students that are from different nationalities, all while being able to live in Madrid. I feel lucky to have found Schiller."

~ Jennifer Rey